About the Company

About the Company

Alltrade Industrial Services Sdn Bhd (previously Amtech Technical Services Sdn Bhd) was founded in 2017 to serve the growing industrial needs. 4 years later, we have grown to become one of the best companies in providing industrial services to our customers in the Asia Pacific. Focused on industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors, Alltrade is today a reputable and established company supplying only premium quality industrial solutions and services. Alltrade is providing comprehensive industrial services, which encompasses civil and road works, painting, plumbing as well as fire fighting supply and services. The company operation is led by a professional corporate management team, skilled engineers and a resourceful administrative team. The team is experienced and constantly attending training to keep pace with the market needs and exceed customers’ expectations.

Amtech Technical Services Sdn Bhd


Amtech Technical Services Sdn Bhd is a leading Engineering and Technical service contractor and vendor in Malaysia. The company is managed by internationally experienced Engineering and technical professionals from Oil & Gas, Chemical Offshore Marine, Power Generation industries . Our main office is located at Kota Puteri, Masai, Johor. We have our sister company sharing offices and workshops in Industry locations such as Kemaman, Subang, Pasirgudang, Bintulu, Miri and Labuan to reach out and provide our services to clients in these regions.

Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction by providing excellent services, premium-grade products and high quality of work. Our team goes extra miles for value-added engineering and technical services as well. We assure our customers of quality consistency, competitive price and timely delivery of projects. Our workflow and application methods are carefully constructed in our cultural environment and they are the fabric of our organization. Alltrade demonstrates its commitment and organizational excellence by attaining highest compliance to worldwide regulatory requirements and global standards. The latest procedures and standards in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 are adhered. Our employees are regularly trained and upgraded with skills and knowledge to continuously improve our processes and quality systems. We are in the process of securing our ISO 9001:2015.

HSE Policy

Workplace Health and Safety policies are vital to protect employees and partners as people are our most valuable asset. We strive to achieve zero illnesses and injuries. Our team is constantly checking the health and safety of our workplace to empower our incident prevention company culture. All divisions of Alltrade are dedicated to and support the operation of our HSE policy.

Meet the applicable legal, statutory laws and regulations of the country related to HSE

Carry out HSE reviews such as JSA, HAZID, HAZOP and environmental impacts in every or most of our projects and services that are required

Protect the environment by preventing pollution to land ,water and air

Protect life, property, flora and fauna, and manage risks of all parties

Practice internationally accepted standards and codes that enhance HSE performance

Provide necessary resources for the continuous improvement of HSE systems