Firefighting & Fire Alarm System Works

Firefighting & Fire Alarm System Works

Firefighting and protection systems are built to reduce damage to the building, equipment, documents, and inventory. Its aim is to protect human life and property. A fire fighting system is consists of 3 main components: a large store of water in tanks, a specialised pumping system and a large network of pipes ending in either hydrants or sprinklers. All industrial, commercial and residential buildings are required to equipped with the system as a preventive measure in case of a fire. Some individual house owners have a basic fire extinguisher at home for self-protection. A fire alarm or detection system is are designed to discover fires in advance when we still have sufficient time and space for safe evacuation.

We provide the supply and installation of :

Addressable / Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fixed Gas Alarm System

Conventional Fireman Intercom System

Hose Reel System

Wet Riser System

Sprinkler System

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Pumps

Fixed Fire Extinguisher

Exit Sign and Emergency Light System

Complete design of Fire Fighting System